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Avid learner who's interested in emerging technology and solving complex problems

I played professional hockey and then fell in love with technology and entrepreneurship. My top hockey career highlights were playing alongside Connor Mcdavid in the 2015 NHL Top Prospects Game and competed twice at the San Jose Sharks’ National Hockey League Camp. I did accomplished this after undergoing six surgeries at the age of 15-16 and being told my career was over.

I enrolled in the Ivey Business School after my hockey career ended. I co-lead the W5 Start-up Accelerator and was part of the executive team which brought the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative to Western University. I traveled to Beijing in the summer of 2018 to coach Chinese hockey goalies. I also co-founded Betterbooks, a Next 36 startup that helps you gamify your reading habit and improve your comprehension. Recently, I interned at a University of Toronto hardware R&D lab under Steve Mann and wa co-president of Western AI.

I currently work at On Deck where our goal is to build the Stanford of the Internet. I've helped Founders find their community, create a new Miami Tech community during the Miami Tech hype, and recruited leaders of new programs alongside our leadership team.

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The is a collection of the key insights I've generated from content I've consumed (e.g.books, courses, articles (see for all content) and my experiences.

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