Avid learner who's interested in emerging technology

I played professional hockey and then fell in love with technology and entrepreneurship. My top hockey career highlights were playing alongside Connor Mcdavid in the 2015 NHL Top Prospects Game and competing twice at the San Jose Sharks’ National Hockey League Camp.

I enrolled in the Ivey Business School after my hockey career where I led multiple clubs, worked on a startup in the Next 36 Accelerator, and interned at a wearable hardware lab out of the University of Toronto.

My first full time position was at On Deck, a startup and career accelerator. I've helped Founders find their community in, create a new Miami Tech community through a 150 person monthlong IRL program, and recruited leaders of new programs with On Deck's executive team.

Now, I spend my days contributing to DAOs like Crypto, Culture, & Society and Krause House and researching NFTs.

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